Why is it Important to Learn Language for Flight Cabin Crew?


Being inside the airplane, you are to expect at least a few foreign passengers riding in it. But whether there are foreign people or not, each of the passengers is taken cared of by the flight cabin crew.


The flight cabin crew is expected to deal with many nationalities in every flight they take care of. And passengers would naturally think that every crew on the flight knows more than one language apart from English, which is the universal language ( you can also learn french in Paris for example, but english is far more appreciated ). It is because of this question that many ask, especially those who want such a career if it is necessary to learn multiple languages. You might be surprised that it isn’t necessarily the case. In here, you will learn a couple of things that are helpful to the role of the crew and what your advantages are when you apply for a flight attendant job.


Learn English

The general rule of every flight attendant in any airline is that they can speak English. The English terms that they should focus on are the ones used in aviation. You don’t just learn them from anywhere. They are established by the authorities to create a good communication amongst the crew and at the same time prevent potential accidents or incidents. For the smaller airlines that have regional routes, English is not as important although it is a feat to have. They are likely to use more of the local language. However, the instructions that you see in the procedures on board, including emergency and safety and many other related items that can be found on board should be written in English.


The preferred English level that the cabin crew must possess is at least fluent or near fluency. All of the cabin crew are expected to communicate properly so that no mishaps will happen. Every individual that are aspiring to be a part of the flight cabin crew will be tested through oral or written exam conducted by a native speaker. This also applies to those who need to speak a second language; wherein they are specifically asked by the airlines to do so.


What to do to improve your English?

There are a couple of ways to do this. Find an English course that is offered locally. If you don’t like attending classes with a whole bunch of other people or you don’t have time for it, there are online classes offered, too. You can even ask a one-on-one tutorial with a native English speaker so that you can practice your English communication skills.


Other preferred languages

Like it is said above, there are airlines that require their flight crew to learn another specific language besides English. Large airlines usually require it and it depends on the region you will be assigned to work for. Take for example, if you are to be a part of a flight cabin crew in Europe, Italian, German and French are usually the preferred languages. In the UK, it is obvious that they are going to ask for English, but it will be an advantage for you to learn another European language as your second language.

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