Babies will always cry when they want something because it is the way they communicate. For this reason, whenever a baby is hungry, tired, thirsty, wet, or facing any kind of discomfort from noise, pain , or noise, among other things, he or she will resort to crying. However, it has been observed that babies cry a lot while airborne and many people do not know the reason for this. If you have always wanted to know the reason for this, read on.

Why babies always cry in plane?

Babies usually cry on airplanes for the sake of it; they are various reasons why they do so, including the following:

-Pain as a result of change in pressure during landing and take off

Just like in adults, babies experience pain during takeoff and landing as a result of changing pressure in the ears. Because of this pain, babies often cry during these times. In additions, the unfamiliar sensations associated with landing and takeoff will also cause babies to cry. For this reason, it is important for you to nurse or make your child suck on something during landing and takeoff in order to help reduce pain due to the change in pressure in your baby’s ears. Read Mon Bébé Chéri for more information about this topic.

-Overfeeding your baby

This is another major reason why babies always cry in plane. Because airplanes travel at very high altitudes, there is significant change in atmospheric pressure. This means that the air in your baby’s intestine increases by 20%, which causes a lot of abdominal discomfort to your child especially if he or she has been overfed. For this reason, parents are advised not to give their babies more food while airborne than they would give them at home.
-Sedating their babies

Sometimes parents sedate their babies with certain medications, especially antihistamines. The reason for this is that in some cases, babies get more active once they take these medications instead of getting sleepy. In addition, a child who is suffering from the effects of sedatives may be a little difficult to console and in most cases, he or she will tend to cry a lot.

-Getting tired and uncomfortable

It is a fact that your child will get very tired and uncomfortable because of staying in the same position for a long time, especially during long flights. This is quite inevitable since an airplane is not spacious enough, especially when you are traveling economy class. In addition, the strange smell of the air inside the plane may cause your baby to become uncomfortable, as well as the loud noises and strange environment. Because of these factors, your baby will try to communicate her or his discomfort by crying a lot.

– Boredom

Being airborne for many hours may cause boredom to your child and because of this, he or she may respond by crying. Playing with toys and getting distracted by many other things that go on around your home help keep children occupied and happy. During flights, your child may not have toys to play with and having nothing to keep him or her occupied, boredom may creep in, causing your child to get restless, and eventually, he or she may end up crying. For this reason, it is advisable for you to carry with you some toys that your baby likes as well as new ones so that you can keep him or her occupied.

These are some of the reasons why babies cry while traveling with their parents in airplanes.

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