Electric bikes: news from Sweden



Electric bikes are considered as the most eco-friendly transport. The authorities of Sweden have made a decision to introduce the electric bikes into the market and encourage citizens to buy transport which does not cause harm to the environment. Particularly, it is going to return 25 percent of the cost spent on the electric bikes.


The legislation act has come into effort since the 20-th of September 2017. The state is going to return one fourth of all the expenses to cover 25 percent of the electric bikes’ cost. The program of discount is not referred to the balancing vehicles, however, in several cases electric armchair or hand-managing bicycle are able to ask for the discount. It is also supposed that the government of Sweden is going to create a special commission and look after the producers of electric bikes so as not to allow the automatic raise of the prices on the production.


The last year in Sweden nearly 67 thousand electric bikes were sold. After the investigation carried out by the Ministry of ecology, electric bikes are likely to replace the cars. Taking into consideration the fact that market is developing, we have got a good choice of the models.


Sweden is not the only country that bothers about the state of ecology. The Great Britain is going to make contribution into the development of electric bikes industry. As well, they are planning to include the most up-to-date innovations into the construction of electric bikes. Particularly, artificial intelligence and telecommunications will do a favor. Being included into the model of electric bike, they are going to improve the smartness of transportation system, make trips even more comfortable and safe, as well as keep ecology clean. If you are not from Sweden, don’t get upset. Just visit the store in your native town and find out the perfect solution especially for you, for instance, magasin de triathlon paris.

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