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Electric bikes: news from Sweden



Electric bikes are considered as the most eco-friendly transport. The authorities of Sweden have made a decision to introduce the electric bikes into the market and encourage citizens to buy transport which does not cause harm to the environment. Particularly, it is going to return 25 percent of the cost spent on the electric bikes.


The legislation act has come into effort since the 20-th of September 2017. The state is going to return one fourth of all the expenses to cover 25 percent of the electric bikes’ cost. The program of discount is not referred to the balancing vehicles, however, in several cases electric armchair or hand-managing bicycle are able to ask for the discount. It is also supposed that the government of Sweden is going to create a special commission and look after the producers of electric bikes so as not to allow the automatic raise of the prices on the production.


The last year in Sweden nearly 67 thousand electric bikes were sold. After the investigation carried out by the Ministry of ecology, electric bikes are likely to replace the cars. Taking into consideration the fact that market is developing, we have got a good choice of the models.


Sweden is not the only country that bothers about the state of ecology. The Great Britain is going to make contribution into the development of electric bikes industry. As well, they are planning to include the most up-to-date innovations into the construction of electric bikes. Particularly, artificial intelligence and telecommunications will do a favor. Being included into the model of electric bike, they are going to improve the smartness of transportation system, make trips even more comfortable and safe, as well as keep ecology clean. If you are not from Sweden, don’t get upset. Just visit the store in your native town and find out the perfect solution especially for you, for instance, magasin de triathlon paris.

Flight leader: Tampa firm makes 75 percent of the world’s flight simulators

TAMPA — On any given day, military pilots and flight crews from countries such as Peru, Japan or Sweden are sequestered in flight simulators near Tampa International Airport, training to confront hurricanes or enemy fire and learning how to care for wounded warriors in flight.

Across the country and across the globe, flight simulators built and equipped by the Tampa company CAE USA are in use for military purposes and also in civil aviation. The company builds 75 percent of the world’s flight simulators and also trains pilots at its Tampa campus.

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Why is it Important to Learn Language for Flight Cabin Crew?


Being inside the airplane, you are to expect at least a few foreign passengers riding in it. But whether there are foreign people or not, each of the passengers is taken cared of by the flight cabin crew.


The flight cabin crew is expected to deal with many nationalities in every flight they take care of. And passengers would naturally think that every crew on the flight knows more than one language apart from English, which is the universal language ( you can also learn french in Paris for example, but english is far more appreciated ). It is because of this question that many ask, especially those who want such a career if it is necessary to learn multiple languages. You might be surprised that it isn’t necessarily the case. In here, you will learn a couple of things that are helpful to the role of the crew and what your advantages are when you apply for a flight attendant job.


Learn English

The general rule of every flight attendant in any airline is that they can speak English. The English terms that they should focus on are the ones used in aviation. You don’t just learn them from anywhere. They are established by the authorities to create a good communication amongst the crew and at the same time prevent potential accidents or incidents. For the smaller airlines that have regional routes, English is not as important although it is a feat to have. They are likely to use more of the local language. However, the instructions that you see in the procedures on board, including emergency and safety and many other related items that can be found on board should be written in English.


The preferred English level that the cabin crew must possess is at least fluent or near fluency. All of the cabin crew are expected to communicate properly so that no mishaps will happen. Every individual that are aspiring to be a part of the flight cabin crew will be tested through oral or written exam conducted by a native speaker. This also applies to those who need to speak a second language; wherein they are specifically asked by the airlines to do so.


What to do to improve your English?

There are a couple of ways to do this. Find an English course that is offered locally. If you don’t like attending classes with a whole bunch of other people or you don’t have time for it, there are online classes offered, too. You can even ask a one-on-one tutorial with a native English speaker so that you can practice your English communication skills.


Other preferred languages

Like it is said above, there are airlines that require their flight crew to learn another specific language besides English. Large airlines usually require it and it depends on the region you will be assigned to work for. Take for example, if you are to be a part of a flight cabin crew in Europe, Italian, German and French are usually the preferred languages. In the UK, it is obvious that they are going to ask for English, but it will be an advantage for you to learn another European language as your second language.


Babies will always cry when they want something because it is the way they communicate. For this reason, whenever a baby is hungry, tired, thirsty, wet, or facing any kind of discomfort from noise, pain , or noise, among other things, he or she will resort to crying. However, it has been observed that babies cry a lot while airborne and many people do not know the reason for this. If you have always wanted to know the reason for this, read on.

Why babies always cry in plane?

Babies usually cry on airplanes for the sake of it; they are various reasons why they do so, including the following:

-Pain as a result of change in pressure during landing and take off

Just like in adults, babies experience pain during takeoff and landing as a result of changing pressure in the ears. Because of this pain, babies often cry during these times. In additions, the unfamiliar sensations associated with landing and takeoff will also cause babies to cry. For this reason, it is important for you to nurse or make your child suck on something during landing and takeoff in order to help reduce pain due to the change in pressure in your baby’s ears. Read Mon Bébé Chéri for more information about this topic.

-Overfeeding your baby

This is another major reason why babies always cry in plane. Because airplanes travel at very high altitudes, there is significant change in atmospheric pressure. This means that the air in your baby’s intestine increases by 20%, which causes a lot of abdominal discomfort to your child especially if he or she has been overfed. For this reason, parents are advised not to give their babies more food while airborne than they would give them at home.
-Sedating their babies

Sometimes parents sedate their babies with certain medications, especially antihistamines. The reason for this is that in some cases, babies get more active once they take these medications instead of getting sleepy. In addition, a child who is suffering from the effects of sedatives may be a little difficult to console and in most cases, he or she will tend to cry a lot.

-Getting tired and uncomfortable

It is a fact that your child will get very tired and uncomfortable because of staying in the same position for a long time, especially during long flights. This is quite inevitable since an airplane is not spacious enough, especially when you are traveling economy class. In addition, the strange smell of the air inside the plane may cause your baby to become uncomfortable, as well as the loud noises and strange environment. Because of these factors, your baby will try to communicate her or his discomfort by crying a lot.

– Boredom

Being airborne for many hours may cause boredom to your child and because of this, he or she may respond by crying. Playing with toys and getting distracted by many other things that go on around your home help keep children occupied and happy. During flights, your child may not have toys to play with and having nothing to keep him or her occupied, boredom may creep in, causing your child to get restless, and eventually, he or she may end up crying. For this reason, it is advisable for you to carry with you some toys that your baby likes as well as new ones so that you can keep him or her occupied.

These are some of the reasons why babies cry while traveling with their parents in airplanes.

Could We Dream of an Electric Flight?


The world is witnessing the great evolution of humankind’s intelligence. It may sound so corny, but that is what is happening right now. People could only dream things first that they thought was impossible. First is the telephone, followed by airplanes, cars, mobile phone, the internet then comes the autonomous cars. These autonomous cars are still currently in development, but every auto shows, companies show a glimpse of technology that will lead the car to become fully autonomic. Now, people are thinking that it may be possible to turn planes fully powered by electricity ( as mention Emilien at electricien brie comte robert Brechemier ). But seeing that a fully electric powered car has its limits. Is an electric flight still a dream these days?


It may happen soon, as various commercial airline companies are now investing in the future of commercial electric aviation. Isn’t that quite a mouthful? But people are getting antsy about when this is going to be implemented. If you are one of them, don’t worry. You are already witnessing them, but they aren’t available for commercial flights yet. They have to make sure that everyone is safe inside for passengers to ride on.


Why are they made in the first place?


What has driven people to devote their time into making autonomous cars and electric airlines is the fear of exhausting the petroleum source of the Earth someday. Not only that, they also want to reduce the pollution and carbon footprint done by the heavy industry.


In the 2008 International Powered Lift Conference, a paper was presented wherein it details a hybrid aircraft, with a fat shaped fuselage with wings that is powered by 2 turbine engines that are driven by a pair of efficient generators. The generators produce electric current that is distributed to the motors wherein it will power up 16 fans that are measured 3 ft in diameter. This idea was just written in paper during the conference, but it wasn’t dismissed ( )


In the year 2010, there were a group of researchers in NASA that were thinking about the future of the transportation of America. They were particularly concerned about short-distance and intra-metro travel, which are the trips usually taken by people using their cars. In layman’s terms, it is about commute. The researchers saw potential that flying in the sky seems much faster compared to land and it is even logical for short distances, too. This is the reason that NASA went straight for the electrical propulsion. Most of the projects that were implemented after that were simply replacing the gasoline-powered engine with the electric one. However, the recent ones are completely different.


People have not thought about it that much, but they know how it is advantageous for aircrafts to be powered by electric motors. This is different from internal combustion engines, since the former does not need any air to produce its power. This means that electric motors are able to maintain their full power even when flying at high altitudes, where the air is very thin. That is just one aspect of an electric powered aircraft can do.

Thanks to Brechmier Electricité for their insights!

Making cocktails on an airplane

Instead of sneaking bottles into the plane, most passengers prefer to make their own cocktails while on the plane. Making a cocktail using the different drinks offered is the best decision because it saves one the trouble of struggling to pass through the security check points before they board their flight. The other plus of having a cocktail on the flight is that one is sure of soberness as they board and they will not be barred from taking the flight for being tipsy. Finally, don’t forget to also check out the best irish coffee d’atelier cocktail that we have selected for you, Irish coffee is a cocktail based on coffee, sugar, whiskey and cream.

However, there is a flip side to making your own cocktails. Check here the most dangerous cocktails
If one is given the freedom to make their own cocktails on the plane, they might overdo it. This might lead to very drunk passengers on the plane. Everyone wants to be comfortable on the plane rather than restless. Hence the first thing that one should put into consideration while making cocktails on the plane is avoiding strong cocktails that might render them too drunk to contain themselves. Strong cocktails not only intoxicate someone but also cause them to pass out.

Everyone should maintain their cool and avoid invading other people’s personal space because the cabin crew cannot babysit anyone. This is why one should not dare mix any of the daring cocktails that will render them intoxicated. The Hurl Hurl cocktail should be avoided at all costs when on the plane. This cocktail looks sweet and chilled, but is made of 100% alcohol. It should be completely avoided on the plane because the effects are manifested as soon as one takes the first few sips. In normal bars it is usually served as an actual drink or an aggressive shot!

The Zombie is the most potent drink and the most common to be sneaked into a plane to be used to make a cocktail. It has a high alcohol and sugar content. The high sugar content makes it more dangerous because it gives someone energy and as a result they will be very hyper. It seems very innocent because it is usually made from fruit juices like pineapple, orange and apricot.

The Tequila Blue Blazer should be avoided on the plane at all costs because it should be made with a fire extinguisher close by. It is definitely unacceptable on any plane because of the danger it poses. When making the Tequila Blue Blazer, one is basically juggling with flames which can burst out and cause a fire. In fact, the process of making this cocktail is very dangerous, it is not recommended to be done at home, let alone the airplane.

When on an airplane, one not only considers their safety, but the safety of others too; that is humanity. This is why one should drink responsibility to guarantee the comfort of the other passengers. Breaking an airline’s drinking policy might cause one to miss their flight or even get barred from the airline completely. Airplanes are prone to accidents, especially fire or explosive related accidents. No one should mix dangerous cocktails like the Tequila Blue Blazer on the plane because the consequences can be very dire.

GrowthHacking and Ecommerce : 3 techniques

Here is 25 hacks pour développer les ventes de votre boutique E-Commerce. Workit: provides its customers with a 360° view of their market in real-time. Workit allows the amazon price tracking with the workit price monitoring software. But also, here is 5 Growth Hacking Concept Techniques for e-commerce.

A few years ago, growth hackers were mostly active in start-ups but it is a great way to boost your ecommerce. Some people wonder what techniques to chose if they want to growth hack. With growth hacking, you can increase your sales without investing too much money. Alot of the time, ecommerce companys can fail because they don’t have enough customers. Growth hacking is a way to fix this problem. It focuses on ways to understand the user, user acquisition and product development to fit the market. Growth hacking uses SEO, email marketing and content marketing. Here are 3 of the best techniques:

An easy to use website

When customers enter a website for the first time, many of them notice how fast the website loads. If your website is slow, your customers may click off. You should therefore find a good host for your website so that it loads quickly. Customers will tend to stay on your website and brozse through your store. It’s also important that your website allows customers to buy products easily. Registration has to be east and shipping should be free or cheap and fast. You should also specify that if a customer is unhappy with their purchase, they can return it.

Building a brand

All the growth hacking techniques you use should focus on building your brand. People are more oriented towards brand than they are towards products. You should offer quality products or services and make sure to value the relationship with your customers. If you manage to develop your brand successfully, your customers will stay with you for a very long time. This is very important to remember if you want to growth hack your ecommerce store. For competitive prices, check out the price monitoring software Amazon price tracker.

Mobile store

Nowadays, over 40% of online purchases are carried out on a mobile device. Therefore, if your ecommerce store is not mobile friendly, you could be losing a large number of potential customers. Smartphones are more and more advances so people use them for most things. Make sure that your website is compatible with iOs devices and Android. Your customers will be able to buy your products on the go without having to wait to get home and log on to a desktop computer.






Flight Accident: Legal Aspects


You can never say that your flight tonight will be a safe one. But based on the records from different airlines in just a year, a flight accident these recent times is very rare. And when an accident does occur, various associations when it comes to safety and security of airplanes gather and try to conduct an investigation of what was its cause. They are not only going to investigate the cause of it. They are also going to take note of the casualties and how the passengers are going to be compensated for the things that happened to them through legal means ( get in touch with Avocat Vesoul firm in France for more insights about this exact legal aspect )


The problem here is that most people do not read the fine print of their tickets and even do not know what to do when they get into an accident. The reason for this is most obvious – most people are bored reading the fine print, and it is highly unlikely that the plane they are riding is not going to be in an accident soon. If you take a look at the recent airline accidents, not all of them have the same causes. Whether an accident is going to happen or not, it is your right to know what you should do if an accident does happen.


Airline responsibilities after airline crash

In the aspect of international flights, the one overseeing it is the Montreal Convention, which is an international air carrier treaty that was adopted back in the year 1999 by a United Nations agency called International Civil Aviation Organization. The crash will be investigated first before any decision is made on what to do with the affected passengers. If the airline is the one at fault based on the conclusion of the investigation, the treaty stipulates that they will be liable for the drawing rights of each passenger of up to 113,100. This is a value that has been established by IMF or the International Monetary Fund. It changes regularly and at this writing it equals the amount of about $170,00 per passenger. This amount is only in the US alone. It may be below or above the said amount, but at least it should be equivalent to that.


Are there any loopholes?

There are, especially if you are not aware of your rights that you can sue the airlines for not honoring their duty to compensate every passenger affected by accident. In the past 9 decades, there have been a lot of limitations that are imposed by the international treaties and laws on the kind of things that the victims of the airline accident can recover. Today, there is no limits to how much the victim can recover. This is done so unless it is proven that the airline has taken all the measures to ensure that all passengers are safe before it takes flight.


By default, the carrier is the one held liable for the damages. However, they are not the only ones to be blamed for this. As it is already detailed above, it depends on the outcome of the investigation.